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Golf Courses in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

We bid you a warm Sawadee. Welcome to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, and it's outstanding array of beautiful and challenging golf courses. We at Chiang Mai Tee-Off Service offer to you sophisticated golf holiday vacations featuring some of the worlds finest courses, luxury accommodations, and outstanding service. We offer highly personalized service for the discerning golfer that is tailored to your individual or group requirements. From arrival to departure we will provide you with pampered, attentive service that sets the Thai golf experience apart from any other, and truly places it in a class by itself, unparalleled anywhere else in the world. We can arrange for you to play on Asia's finest golf courses, stay at the top hotels, and dine in first class restaurants.     

Our discounted rates are valid from 1st November 2023 to 31 March 2024

Chiang Mai Green Fee(THB) Caddy Fee (THB) Golf Cart (THB) Round trip (THB)
Photo Service (Optional)
Alpine Golf Resort Chiang Mai * 2,100 400 800/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort 1,800 350 700/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Summit Green Valley Golf Club 2,000 400 850/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Lanna Golf Club 1,000 300 600/cart 1,200/van 1,000/car
Gassan Khuntan Golf Club & Resort * 1,400 300 750/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Gassan Legacy Golf Club * 1,000 300 750/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Mae Joe Golf Club * 1,600 400 750/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Highlands Golf Club & Spa Resort * 1,900 400 750/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Gassan Panorama Golf Club* 1,000 300 750/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Inthanon Golf Resort 1,000 300 800/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Artitaya Golf Club * 1,000 300 700/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
North Hill Golf Club * 1,600 300 600/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car

* Golf cart is mandatory

Chiang Rai Green Fee(THB) Caddy Fee (THB) Golf Cart (THB) Round trip (THB)
Santiburi Golf Club 1,900/2,400 350 600/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Waterford Valley Golf Club 1,100/1,300 300 600/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car
Happy City 1,100/1,300 300 600/cart 2,000/van 1,600/car

Lampang Green Fee(THB) Caddy Fee (THB) Golf Cart (THB) Round trip (THB)
Mae Moh Golf Club 800 300 600/cart 2,500

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